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Witch Wisdom: Gabriela Herstik

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Guest Witch - Gabriela Herstik

To begin our Witch Wisdom series here at Magick with a K, we are starting with a topic near and dear, which is Protection of the Self. How do we go about this in our daily lives and how, as witches, can we shield and protect our precious energy, so we can use it with intention?

To gain some perspective on this topic we are asking our witchy friends to share tips that they would give to other witches on how to protect themselves. There as many answers to this question as witches in the Universe, so we are excited to hear what comes from this project!

To kick-off Witch Wisdom, we've recruited writer, fashion alchemist and modern witch, Gabriela Herstik. Gaby is the author of Inner Witch, a book that is all about helping others take control of their own power and energy. She adds a large dose of self care and creativity to her magick and her writing is very approachable to those who are new to the Craft. We think she's the perfect witch to start us off.


Magick with a K: Hi Gaby! Thanks for being first in our series. What tips can you share with other witches for magickal self protection?

Gabriela Herstik: My piece of advice for anyone who’s looking to bring magick, especially protective magick, into their life is to work with meditation and visualization. You can work with visualizations to help you balance your energetic body, repair your aura and protect yourself with white light. There are numerous ways to do this, but I love imagining a waterfall of golden white healing light cascading onto me and clearing any negative energy away while also protecting me and aligning me with source. You can also imagine a white light moving through your crown chakra, down your spine and into the earth. Working with your breath is also a great way of clearing dense energy away and purifying you. A visualization that I have for when I need to be extra protected is imagining a mirrored orb floating around me wherever I go. Only energy that’s aligned with my highest favor can pass through; any other energy is deflected away.

Working with rituals and the symbol of the banishing pentagram can help us find protection and alignment.

Also- speaking our truth, asking for help and backup when we need it, creating boundaries and cutting out unhealthy relationships are ways we can work with protection magick in the physical.

I also recommend using (ethically sourced) sage, palo santo or sweetgrass to cleanse a space. You can also sprinkle salt in the corners or work with an essential oil spray to get the same clearing effect. I also recommend Epsom salt baths, working with protective herbs like St john’s wort and rosemary, and meditating with and carrying a black tourmaline.”

Magick with a K: We love the reminder that often the first place we should start, when thinking about protection, is creating boundaries and getting rid of unhealthy ties that we have in the physical world. As witches we have the tendency to focus so heavily on visualizing our energy shields, we forget that people around us might be draining. Thanks so much Gaby for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.

Check out Gaby's book on witchcraft, Inner Witch

Follow her on social: @gabyherstik on Instagram and Twitter


Stay tuned for more Witch Wisdom every Wednesday!

Gabriela Herstik
Photo: Alexandra Herstik @alexyael

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