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Witch Wisdom: Tarot Protection with Tracy Talley

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

I am here to articulate how the mysteries of life influence the twists and turns of your life's journey. Tracy Talley

Today for our weekly musings on self protection and self care, we have asked an old friend to stop by and give us some tips. Tracy Talley is a talented and intuitive reader in Portland, Oregon who uses Numerology and Tarot. Her goal is to articulate how the mysteries of life influence the twists and turns of her client's life journey. Numerology, tarot, astrology, archetypes, and symbolism are the elements she uses to do this. As we can personally attest, having had an in depth reading by Tracy, her sessions with her are inspirational, intense and empowering.

Tracy is an intuitive and empath as a lot of us in the magical community are, so we are very excited to have her perspective on this topic!


Hi Tracy, and thanks for being with us! We are using this series as a way to explore the ways that we, as magical people, can shield and protect our energy and we have been asking some wise folks in the community what advice they have to share. As a reader of tarot and numerology, we are curious to know what tips you have for us.

Tracy Talley:

Thank you for including me in your series! Personally, I use a variety of techniques to clear my energy every day so that I am super charged with new vitality when I leave the house. First, I use sage or sweet grass and an eagle feather to brush away any imbalanced energy over my heart and third eye. I also like to “zip up” before I head out, especially to a really populated event like an arena show, wedding or festival.

When I use tarot for energy shielding I usually pose a question like, what is it that I need to do to be protected best, today? OR, what is my super power today? OR what is the most important thing I need to know to stay safe in my skin, today? I also like to use a crystal power deck in tandem to ask which crystal or gem would be the best talisman to use in accompaniment. That way, I can travel with it, wear it or put it in my pocket.

Tarot can be a great aid in preparing to go into the world. I shuffle the 22 majors to see who my greatest protector is for the day. Once I know what this archetype is, I incorporate the character into my “zip up” ritual. I ask "why is this the most ideal protector for me today?", and see what impressions or premonitions I get. Then, I confidently leave the house, knowing I have prepared myself.


We absolutely love the idea of posing questions to the Tarot on how we can best use our own abilities to shield ourselves. We are all wise beings who have the resources! I think "what is my superpower today" is going to be a great addition to our morning tarot pull! Thanks again for for sharing your knowledge :)

Tracy Talley:

Thanks for inviting me to participate :)


Tracy is giving readers of Magick with a K an exclusive offer on any of her services - use the coupon code: MAGICKWITHAK for 20% off all items over $50. This offer is only good from March 27th through April 17th 2019 so make sure to schedule a reading with her before the offer expires, we think you will love Tracy and her healing energy.

Tracy does her readings via skype, phone or in-person in Portland, Oregon. Check out her website for more information, or email her directly.

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