Wisdom Wednesday: Madame Pamita

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

"Make protection a part of your morning ritual." - Madame Pamita

Happy Ostara to all! At 5:58pm ET today the Spring Equinox will arrive along with the last Supermoon of 2019, which is a Full Worm Moon in Libra. The last time the Vernal Equinox and a full moon occurred on the same date was on March 20, 1981. We've felt the energy of this powerful combination coming all week! The new beginnings of the Equinox along with the Libra moon, which underscore the harmony and balance of Ostara, make for a special day of magick. It's a perfect day to refresh your altar with a Spring cleaning and reflect on how you find balance between light and dark in your own life.

It's also Witch Wisdom Wednesday here at Magick with a K. We hope to give you some ideas and inspiration every week on how to add some new habits to your daily routine to shield and protect your energy. We are lucky to have connected with some amazing and magickal people who want to share their knowledge!

This week we are so excited to have Madame Pamita with us. She is a reader, rootworker, teacher and the proprietress of Madame Pamita's Parlour of Wonders. She does in person rootwork and Tarot readings at her reading room in LA, and through her website she sells spell kits, major bags and other magickal supplies. Her goal is to empower and to provide a helping hand to her clients in finding their path to success. We spoke to her, about Self Protection and what simple techniques she recommends for us magical folk.

Madame Pamita
Madame Pamita and her Crystal Ball

MWAK: Thank you Madame Pamita for sharing some self protection tips with us today. We love your spell tutorials on youtube :)

Madame Pamita: Thank you so much! I love teaching people how to do magic and empowering them to change their lives for the better, so it makes me so happy that you're getting something from my videos.

MWAK: We are always looking for ways of protecting our energy and shielding ourselves when we go into the outside world. As intuitive people it's so important to have a tool kit of techniques. What is your advice would give others for magickal self protection?  Madame Pamita: Self-protection doesn't have to be complicated - one of my favorite tips is to use an oil for protection. Oils are versatile and cost effective! You can make protection a part of your morning ritual - put a few drops on your hands and apply it to your body in an upward motion (from feet toward head) along with a prayer or spell words or an affirmation that you are safe and protected. There's an oil that I make called "Powerful Protection" that is so good for this! You can also dress candles with it - black candles work great for protection spells - and add a few drops to a cleansing bath along with sea salt and epsom salts. So many great ways to use it! If you want some ideas on how to use oils, I recommend checking out my site - there is an oil how to guide that will give you a ton of inspiration:  Parlour of Wonders

MWAK: Using oils is so much fun, we admit to having a slight obsession with collecting and wearing them ;) Thank you again for being with us and sharing your ideas on protection with the magical community. Madame Pamita: Thanks so much! I love our community and am so happy to share!

You can check out more of Madame Pamita on all of her social media:

YouTube: MadamePamita

Instagram @madamepamita

Twitter: madamepamita

Next week on Wisdom Wednesday we will have a Tarot tip for you, so make sure to subscribe to get notifications from us. Have a lovely Ostara!


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