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What are Witch Bottles?

Ever since we started selling witch bottles in our Etsy shop, we've gotten a lot of questions about them. Written accounts in both Europe and America indicate that witch bottles were first used sometime in the late 1600’s. White witches or practitioners of folk medicine would be employed to assemble the necessary ingredients. Once completed, the bottle would be transported to the property of the person who commissioned it and buried in the furthest corner of the property or under the hearth.  Some would hide it inside the home, but out of sight. It was believed that burying the bottle added strength to the items included inside.

Ancient Witch Bottles
Ancient Witch Bottles

Today a Witch Bottle is generally thought of as a concentration of energy which is created and empowered for a specific magickal purpose. While this form of magick is mostly found in cursing and curse-breaking, a bottle or jar spell is very versatile and can be custom designed for a variety of needs.

So, how are witch bottles created? There are some basic steps to follow, the most important being: define an intent. All of the ingredients of the bottle will revolve around this purpose. Typically this will be a specific, attainable goal.

Next we focus on the gathering the contents which is the fun and magical part of the process. While there is no limit to what you can choose to include, it’s important to select things that will work toward the ultimate goal. Personal items, written notes of intent, herbs, crystals, found objects almost anything can be added to the bottle.

When finished filling the jar, it is sealed right away by burning a candle in the open mouth of the bottle. Candles are not necessary but they add another boost of power if combined with appropriate color correspondences. Multiple candles and colors used over a course of time are a great way to add magick to an ongoing project.

Once the bottle is complete and sealed, it is meditated on. The practitioner imagines that you have achieved your goal and puts that energy into the bottle. It's important to remember when you receive your bottle from any witch or folk magick practitioner, that you do the same. Magick is most powerful when you add your own energy to it. Do not imagine yourself wanting your goal, envision yourself having your goal. Imagine what will life be like, how will you feel and then hold onto your visualization as long as you can.

Now you have a few different options on storing the bottle. You can bury it, hide it, toss it in water, keep it on your altar, or dismantle it. Which you choose depends on what you’re trying to accomplish, and your personal tastes. There is no right or wrong, do what feels best to you. I love displaying them on my altar, so I can add to them when I need to. If your intent was to rid yourself of something or someone, dismantling/disposal is appropriate once that goal as been achieved.

Spell Bottle Steps

  1. Intent Defined

  2. Ingredients Gathered

  3. Bottle Sealed

  4. Intention Added

  5. Bottle Stored

Witch bottles are available in our Etsy shop:

We also are happy to create one especially for you and your specific goal. Please message us for details.


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