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Tarot Musings: Get Shit Done

"All good experiences have come from trusting the universe. There is no other way to live or love. Otherwise, you create your own prison." Olivia Wilde

2 Card Reading

The Nine of Swords indicates that our worries are purely psychological. Are we being cruel to ourselves? Is there a fear of the future? Are we being kept up at night because we are anxious about a particular issue? Outer circumstances are not creating the fear and anxiety, we are. We create our own world and our attitudes determine how we experience that world. Our nightmare become a self-fulfilling prophecy,

The Emperor card brings guidance and structure to the situation. We have a powerful force to guide us on our journey - our higher selves. This card gives us confidence to move forward knowing we know the Universe has our back. There is also an element of self control and focus with this card, as if we are being a bit stern and saying to ourselves "stop worrying and just get shit done!".

The Stretch Tarot Deck

This deck is called The Stretch Tarot and I purchased it on Kickstarter a few years ago. I absolutely love the creative use of public domain images combined with other mediums. Together they create layered and though provoking cards.

"Featuring rich, collaged artwork and vintage imagery altered using a wide variety of methods and mediums, the unique style of ‘The Stretch Tarot’ is designed to help both new and experienced readers see the cards in a different perspective, illuminating traditional meanings in a new light." J.E. Stretch

This beautiful deck and more information can be found at Stretch Tarot Co.

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