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Necromancy and Samhain

Necromancy is the practice of contacting the dead in order to request their aid or counsel. -Witchipedia
Samhain Ritual with skull

For many of us in the modern world, there has been a renewed interest in our family trees and in the traditions that our ancestors might have followed. Samhain (Halloween) in Pagan traditions is known as the time when the veil between our world and the spirit world is at its thinnest. We know on this night, the dead will hear us speak, and maybe even speak back. We can ask our relatives directly for advice, guidance, or for information on our family history. Or just use the time to commune with their energies.

There are several ways you can use the energy of Samhain to contact love ones.

I personally love the Dumb Supper. Every year, I cook up a meal with lots of fall vegetables, cider and wine. The dinner table is set with a place for each person attending, and then an extra plate setting is added for each ancestor, along with photos and mementos. In keeping with tradition, the placement of the silverware and glasses is reversed in position, as a means of connecting to the world of the deceased. We then say a blessing and ask to be guided through the veil between the worlds, where no one living may speak. The dead are honored by keeping a solemn silence through the meal, until it is done. Another prayer of goodbye and thanks closes the meal.

Another way to honor and connect with those in your family tree is to build an altar to honor your ancestors, featuring photos and heirlooms. This can be up all year long, or you can create one every year at Samhain. If your family has household guardians, include representations of them as well. Light candles for each relative, saying the person's name aloud as you do. If someone has died this year, place a candle for them in a prominent place. Spell bottles made specifically for Necromancy are a perfect item to be included in such as altar, as it contains all the correspondences to aid you in communication. In our Spell Bottles, we use graveyard dirt, quartz crystal shards, cloves, and a special blend of herbs that connect with the energies of the season.

I've not covered Seances yet, which is what everyone thinks of when they imagine spirit contact - I will leave that for a future post. However you decided to remember your ancestors, elders friends, and pets, remember to add your own creativity into your celebrations! Magick is not just for rituals but to improve our lives every day.

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