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I love the Smell of Witchcraft in the Morning

"Oh look, another glorious morning. It makes me SICK!" — Hocus Pocus

When the season turns to Winter here in the Pacific Northwest, I personally love the early morning darkness. It helps set up a calm and peaceful mood to begin the day. All around us, animals, people and nature is hibernating. For us humans with jobs and responsibilities, we do have to "get things done" but setting up a morning routine that can put you in a relaxed mindset can make the winter months more magickal.

Winter Snowfall

My morning routine is pretty simple, and can vary from day to day based on time. I'm sharing some of my favorite rituals which I hope it give you some ideas on how to set up your own morning practice.

  • Lemon Water. First thing is a glass of warm lemon water. (It helps detoxify and balance the PH in your body). Magickally, lemon is used for spiritual opening, purification, and removal of blockages. I love how it brings balance to both body and spirit.

  • Meditation. Right now, I am using the Headspace app and I'm loving it. It centered around mindfulness and really grounds you in your body, which an essential practice for us magical folks.

  • Bulletproof Coffee. I'm a vegetarian and try to eat Vegan as much as possible, so I have adapted the traditional "Bulletproof Coffee". If you are new to the idea, this coffee recipe is meant to give your brain and body fat fuel to clear the fogginess. The traditional fat used is grass-fed butter, but for a vegan option, I use MCT (Medium-chain triglyceride) oil. It’s kind of like coconut oil, but it works directly in your cells. I also add a bit of coconut creamer and a teaspoon of Maca root powder before blending for a few seconds to froth it up. This concoction wards off hunger and can help the caffeine in your coffee digest more slowly, preventing insulin crashes.

  • Reading. I love to read, especially on dark and stormy mornings. Hygge at it's best! Currently I'm into The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller.

  • Knitting. Another grounding and meditative winter activity that I try and do a few minutes of before I leave the house, especially if I am trying to finish a project. I'm making a sweater for my husband right now and he is anxious for it to be finished!

  • Tarot Pull. I have done this for years and think it's an important way to start the day. What is your higher self telling you? It's also a good journaling prompt.

  • Time to Make a To-Do List! I am a list maker and get a great deal of satisfaction from crossing things off when I accomplish something. I read somewhere that successful people make a to-do lists but really only focus on the top 3 things they can accomplish in a day. After that it's all a bonus. So I try and be realistic and don't beat myself up when I don't get all I want done in a day.

I do get up a few hours earlier than I necessary to make time for these daily rituals but I am a morning person so I look forward to this time.

What daily rituals are part of your routine? Do you have different Winter and Summer habits?

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