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Casting Spells without "Special" Tools

As the owner of a shop selling witchcraft supplies, I think a lot about items that I want to make and carry in my shop. Items that not only will be of use, but also add beauty to the lives of the witches that shop with me. I am a designer by trade, so looks and quality matter.

Often, when people first discover Witchcraft or Paganism, they go out and buy every single tool. Remember, though, that traditionally, magick was performed with whatever tools were available and witches used whatever ingredients they had. If they didn’t have much at all available to them, they got resourceful. Magickal tools have a purpose after all.

I am the first one to say that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using beautiful tools and pretty crystals in your practice, but the absence of these things shouldn’t cripple you. And sometimes, social media can make us feel as if we need to have this crystal or that wand to manifest our intent. But remember, if we learn to sense, move and manipulate energy with any object, we will be successful in our magick.

At some point, you might want to put your money towards something fancier, but. for now, concentrate on working out what works for you.

Some substitution ideas:


Your own hands and fingers!


Kitchen knife or pocket knife


Wine glass or tea cup


Stones collected from your local area


Make your own with fallen branches and twigs

Book of Shadows

Any notebook or paper will do, just keep a record that you can transfer later to a binder or journal


Forage for your own herbs using a free app to identify plants around you - and don't forget standard kitchen herbs that you already have


Prayer candles from the grocery store, tea lights and votives form Ikea, standard birthday candles for spells

If you have limited funds, a small space, and/or a desire for a simpler life with less stuff, hopefully this list will help you. Get creative - your tools and supplies will be that much more magickal because you enhanced them with your thought and energy.

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